Happy Birthday! Happy Divorce! Bon Voyage! Welcome back! The Grand Finals On! Pool Party! BBQ for no reason at all! Etc! Etc! – There’s a thousand good reasons to have a party and thousands of dollars in possible fines, etc., why you shouldn’t be driving to one if you're considering having a few drinks. Alleviate the chance of making a poor decision and contact Event Tours to get you there and get you home safely once the party’s over.


Whether it be Christmas in December or Christmas in July, Event Tours can help you enjoy your festivities whenever and wherever they’re happening. Contact us to discuss.

Special Birthdays

Hens & Bucks Nights

Need to spend one last occasion celebrating the diminishing moments of singledom?

If you’re on the way to the alternate world of wedded bliss and would like to have one last foray into the realm of bachelor or spinsterhood, then contact us to arrange transport for this momentous time of your life. (Read more…) SEE BELOW>>>>>>> SEE BELOW>>>>>>>




Restaurant Transfers

Restaurant options running a little short in the Camden Haven? Contact Event Tours to organise a trip into Port Macquarie to dine at one of the numerous fine-dining establishments that the city has to offer. Once sated, we can get you home safely and comfortably to top off the evenings event

Shopping / Market Tours

Got the shopping bug? Organise Event Tours to take you and a bunch of buddies to a regional market or shopping centre and let that credit card fly! Contact us to discuss

Pubs, Clubs & Taverns

Plan to arrive home safely when you choose to book a return transfer to and from your desired club, pub or tavern.


Planning to drink? Plan ahead. Event Tours can pick up groups of up to 6 people and get each of them home safely after a great night out. It just may be the best value-for-money you will ever spend.


From just about anywhere to just about anywhere, contact us to discuss your next wise transportation requirements.


Yes, we even provide travel from Camden Haven, Light House,

Port Macquarie to Wauchope and return - (eg Bago Tavern & Wauchope RSL)

all for the one low price of $25pp one way/$50pp return.



Medical Transport (Low Level Issues)

No, we haven’t moved into the paramedic business, what we’re offering here is a way for individuals who may have injured themselves or just aren’t up to driving, to get to a doctor for a check-up. We can’t offer medical aid, but we can offer transportation in comfort and style. If you fit the low-level medical transport category, contact us to discuss your next trip.



Food Festivals

They pop-up here, there, and everywhere, are a magnet for delicious locally produced food, and inevitably provide a great day out for everyone in attendance. Interested in munching on some great tucker and imbibing in some delightful beverages? Contact Event Tours to discuss your transport to and from the event.


  • Twilight Tastings: Wauchope - Fri 20th March 2020 (pdf available on desktop)


  • Slice of Haven Food Festival: Laurieton

Sunday 24th May 2020

(pdf available on desktop)

Music Festivals

If it’s your genre, who doesn’t love a music festival? These events have the capacity to leave you enraptured long after the final chord has been played, and the memories of a great concert will last a lifetime! Nearly always better with a group of friends, contact us to organise transport for your next music event and prepare yourself for one of the times of your life.



If you’re a sporting fanatic there will always be sometime of the year when you’ll want to actually be there at the big game. Whether it be cricket, football, league, golf, badminton, volleyball or *tiddlywinks, you know what you love, contact us and ‘let’s get you there!’ (*n.b. Yes, there are tiddlywinks championships, ‘hmm’:


Race Days


'Pick a Winner' with Transfers to and from Port Macquarie Racecourse.​​


Giddy-Up! Enjoy a day out punting on the nags? Event Tours can take you and a bunch of pals to Port Macquarie racetrack or any other track you’d like to attend and at the end of the day, safely get you and your mates back home. Contact us to discuss your next race day outing.



Jump in and let’s follow the bonnet to places we can make up on the day. I’ve got some ideas, you might have some too, and there’s always Google maps. Contact us to arrange a pickup and let’s see what this adventure has in store.


  • Port Macquarie is fortunate to have two very popular craft breweries servicing the wider region. Both have amazing beer, fantastic food and friendly staff and both supply regular live entertainment to complement the occasion.

Check out our organised tours to either one or both of these celebrated establishments and get ready to have a great time out.

Refer to our tour page

Hello Koala Sculpture Tour + Koala Hospital


Lunch Tours

How about considering a day out with a bunch of friends and have us organise a delicious picnic lunch at either a specified location of ‘our’ choosing, or one of your choosing. We’ll make sure that we provide all of the necessary ingredients to ensure the lunch is near to perfect and all you need to do is eat, drink and be merry with those around you.

For up to 6 people, the fun starts from the moment you set foot in the vehicle. Contact us to discuss your preferred date/s.

Players Theatre Shows

Like the Glasshouse, if you’re not making your way to the Players Theatre at least once a year you’re missing out on some spectacular performances that will leave lasting memories of the great time you’ve had and have you wondering why you’re not attending more. Organise a group of friends and call us to get you all there. Then, when being transported back home, let us know how much you loved the show.

Real Estate Tours 

Considering a Port Macquarie sea change and wanting a convenient way to peruse the available real estate options? Contact Event Tours prior to your visit and let us know your plans. We can then begin designing the perfect route for us to take to ensure you get to see everything you need to help you make your best purchase decision.

Winery Tours

A perfect day. Grab some friends, take a scenic drive in air-conditioned comfort to the countryside, visit a vineyard or two, sample some wines, perhaps purchase a preferred choice, eat some cheese, partake in some other delicacies, chat, laugh, be merry, watch the daylight fade away. Reflect. A perfect day.

Contact Event Tours and ‘let’s get you there’.

(Read more…) SEE BELOW>>>>>>> SEE BELOW>>>>>>>


Cruise Port Macquarie - Port Cruise Adventures 

Start your cruise adventure aboard Port Cruise Adventures by first cruising the streets and byways of Port Macquarie in Event Tours’ luxurious VW Multivan to get you there. From one luxurious vessel to the next, hop aboard Port Cruises’ beautiful white luxury catamaran and set sail upon the Hastings river.


Whether it be dolphin watching, private parties, a wedding, corporate event, entertainment cruise, or whatever reason you can envisage, Port Cruise Adventures can tailor a cruise that will create lasting memories of the great time you’ve had. The catamaran is fully licensed, and all cruises include delicious food options.

Book your cruise, then contact Event Tours and ‘let’s get you there’.

Refer to Their website to see Whats on and contact us if want transport to get there



Car Broken Down or No Licence

Is your car inoperative? Have you lost your poor? We have the answer. We can get you from A to B in comfort and style with your choice of up to 5 companions. Contact us to discuss your transport arrangements.

Visiting Friends, Family, Loved One's

Life moves fast and time goes quickly by, you think about them often but setting a date seems to be elusive. Stop, think for a moment, give them a call, schedule a date, make it happen. Then contact us and ‘let’s get you there’.


Do you have someone who’s hard to buy presents for? Make use of our Gift Vouchers. The Perfect Present!