Our Transport

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Event Tours make every effort to ensure each tour and transportation experience is uncomplicated, relaxing, and entirely focussed on providing a pleasant and safe journey for all those who travel with us.


We offer specific tours with popular destinations or you can design your own tour to just about anywhere, at just about any time, your imagination being the only limit to where we can take you.


Port Macquarie has koala’s, beaches, rainforests, a zoo, strawberry picking, great lookouts, breweries, wineries, pubs, clubs, markets, Glasshouse entertainment and numerous other shows and events constantly happening all throughout the region.


Hunter Valley has the scenery, trails, magnificent cheeses, world-renowned wine, chocolate, spirit distilleries, and perhaps even consider hot-air ballooning? There’s a bunch of exciting things to do in the Hunter and they’re all waiting there for you when you book a tour with Event Tours.


Then of course, there’s the multitude of things to do in Sydney, grab a great show, see a major sporting event, site-see, visit friends, relatives, whoever? Perhaps you just need to get to the International Airport or Cruise Terminal? Whatever the reason, Event Tours can provide you with the transport to reach any destination of your choice.


There is a literal smorgasbord of fun things to do just about anywhere you wish to attend, so organise a few friends, let us know where you’d like to go and when, and allow us to give you a time that you will remember always!


Need to get-away? Need transport? Contact Event Tours and ‘Let’s Get You there!’.



Need to get to Port Macquarie Airport for an outbound flight?

Do you have a dinner engagement?

Or tickets to a show at the Glasshouse?

Or perhaps just need a Plan B to get home from a night out

on the town?

Contact Event Tours for all of

your transport needs and

Let's get you there...

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Off on that long-awaited cruise to the South Pacific?

Need to get to Sydney Airport to catch a flight?

Relax, we can get you and your luggage safely to the

Cruise Terminal or Airport

in comfort and on time.

Contact Event Tours for all of

your transport needs and

Let's get you there...



Are you an NDIS approved applicant looking for reliable transport locally or to locations

far and wide?

Or perhaps you are a support coordinator, plan manager or NDIS service provider seeking similar transport needs?

Contact Event Tours for all of

your transport needs and

Let's get you there...

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Want a great reason to meet up with friends?


Seek out your favourite stores and go run amok on a well-deserved shopping spree?

  • Door-to-door shopping trips

  • If requested, large or numerous items can be transported in our trailer.

Contact Event Tours for all of

your transport needs and

Let's get you there...

Nurse And Patient


Need to visit the docs?


We provide local and long-distance transport including:

  • Medical Appointments

  • Hospital and other visiting

  • Other services and appointments

Contact Event Tours for all of

your transport needs and

Let's get you there...

Wedding Portrait


Spent ages on organising every last detail associated with one of the biggest days of your life and just need to finalise how everyone’s getting there and getting back?


We can transport:

  • Bride & Groom

  • Mums and Dads

  • All the Relies

  • All the Friends

Contact Event Tours for all of

your transport needs and

Let's get you there...

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Who doesn’t love a festival or concert that appeals to our personal desires?


Grab your tickets, grab some friends and jump aboard!


Anywhere! Anytime!

  • Local and long-distance transport

  • Same day overnight or longer stays.

Beer Toast


Having a night out on the town?


Need the assurance that you’ll get there and get home safely at a time of your choosing?


Allow us to ‘get you there’, we’re the perfect ‘Plan B’.

  • To & from

  • Night or day

  • Near or far

Cinco de Mayo


Showered, shaved, and shaping up for a great night out? Ladies frocked up and raring to go?


Need clean, tidy and spacious transport?

  • To & from, night or day, near or far

  • Continuous shuttle if needed (e.g.: wedding groups)

  • Safe & comfortable.

Glasshouse_Exterior_with label.jpg


How long is it since you last visited the Glasshouse?


Port Macquarie’s epicentre of entertainment and cultural experiences.

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New to town and want to see the sites?


Or local and wanting to visit a cherished location with a picnic lunch, a bottle of wine or two, and a group of friends?

  • Pick-up from hotels, motels, backpackers, and all types of accommodation

  • Transport to wineries, beaches and rivers, picnic areas, lookouts, hidden treasure spots, wherever.

Mechanic's Garage


  • Wineries/Breweries

  • Race Days

  • Sporting Events

  • The Players Theatre

  • Car broken down

  • No license

  • Real Estate Tours

  • Dinner, parties, movies, cruises.