Transport Provider & Social Companionship

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Registered NDIS Provider

Event Tours are a verified NDIS provider supporting NDIS participants in the Camden Haven & Greater Port Macquarie region with transportation and other associated needs and requirements.


Event Tours supports participants with a disability and seniors by providing transportation to services in the local community such as doctors, sporting clubs, support groups, libraries, schools and with travel to and from the workplace. Plus, we can also transport individuals to wider regions if need be such as Newcastle, Sydney, Coffs Harbour or elsewhere.

For people without access to private transportation, getting to medical appointments, sporting or social events or even travel to and from work can be a challenge, especially if you require frequent travel to and from appointments.

Whether you’re going to the doctor, or out to visit friends, Ride with Event Tours and Let us get you there safely and with ease.

Our innovative service provides door-to-door transportation to get you to medical appointments and outings, all without the need of a smartphone, tablet or application. Enjoy an unaccompanied ride or even travel with your carer.


We all need companionship, and even a helping hand every now and then. These needs are heightened as we age. Unfortunately, many people with disability & seniors struggle with loneliness and isolation.


One of our social companions can be that friendly visitor to provide genuine companionship and reduce that social isolation?

From Social Outings like a trip to the movies or a weekly lunch outing, our highly educated and compassionate social companions engage our clients to reinforce critical thinking, cognitive strength and memories. These passionate companions also help seniors navigate the latest in technology, making it easier to connect with family and friends who are distant.


They are passionate about socializing with aging adults and engaging in spirited, friendly, and meaningful conversations and outings wherever our clients wish to go.

Including having a cup of tea, playing cards or games, listening to music or simply having a chat.

They will:

  • Maintain regular contact by visiting on a regular basis as agreed; weekly or fortnightly

  • Provide companionship through social interaction, conversation and sharing interests

  • Listening to music

  • Watching television 

  • Completing crossword puzzles, card games

The benefit of choosing Event Tours!

The benefit of choosing Event Tours as your NDIS transport provider is that we can be directly available to NDIS approved applicants and Support Co-ordinators, Plan Managers, and Disability Service Providers. Additionally, we aspire to ensure that our transportation service is always friendly, caring, and dedicated to providing participants with the best quality and flexible service suited to each individual's needs.

Contact Event Tours on 0480227794 to discuss your transportation requirements or email us to arrange a time to meet face-to-face.

Once we have agreed on arrangements, Event Tours will create a personalised service agreement for your support needs and carefully explain its content before you decide to sign and accept.


Areas involved within the agreement will include:

  • Individual Transportation &/or Social Companionship Requirements

  • Transport Schedules

  • The Cost of the Service

  • Bank Account Details for Transferring Funds

  • On completion of your Service Agreement participants are then able to arrange a service booking through the NDIS myplace provider portal. Information on how to use the portal is found on the portal webpage.

Safety & Wellbeing a High Priority

Event Tours strive to ensure the safety, wellbeing and comfort of all individuals whom we transport in our passenger vehicle. We further make every effort to provide any special requirements for NDIS & Senior applicants and politely assist with doors and baggage where needed.

Event Tours are Covid-19 compliant and undertake all known measures to reduce exposure and transmission of the virus to all individuals we provide service to. The measures we adopt start with planning and preparation and include the regular sanitising of our vehicle, hygienically cleaning all items we come in contact with, e.g. luggage, wearing face masks, and fulfilling social distancing requirements wherever applicable. 

The Event Tour vehicle experience is personal and pleasurable, the seating is comfortable, air-conditioning can be personally set, windows can be opened, music is optional, bottled water and mints are a constant and the driver/s are friendly and sociable.

Need transport for an NDIS participant or Senior?


Whatever your reason for needing to get from point A to point B, contact Event Tours and

‘Let’s Get You There’.

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